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Pickleball Court Containment System


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Recreational facilities countrywide are adding the increasingly popular sport of pickleball to their offerings with league play and tournaments. Grand Slam Safety has engineered a revolutionary new containment system to make the activity more enjoyable for facility managers, participants and spectators alike. 

Reasons to Invest in Pickleball Court Dividers

Many reasons exist to consider a pickleball court divider for your facility, including distracted people and escaped balls.

You've likely personally witnessed or watched a video of a distracted person unknowingly wandering off course. When that happens during a pickleball competition, spectators or players who aren't paying attention can experience injuries. They may make contact with players' paddles or trip over hazards in their path. Balls escaping from other courts are another common frustration. Both can stall gameplay and interrupt the fun for everyone.

How Our Pickleball Court Containment System Works 


Grand Slam Safety has developed our pickleball containment system for full-court, side-court and end-of-court surrounds. Our design features heavy-duty support poles and a 4-foot-high tensioned mesh fence with two options for anchoring.

If you want a permanent installation, you can anchor the support poles with bolts through a flanged base. If your space is multiuse, you can opt for temporary pickleball court dividers. With removable installations, you'll have a sleeved foundation that our SPECTO® mesh material inserts cover. The design promotes fast setup and takedown, so you can quickly maximize your flex space's use.

Our Divider Curtains


Custom divider curtains from Grand Slam Safety can also help you contain the pickleball fun to a predefined area indoors. We manufacture these to your specs and provide in-house engineering support for a precise fit. Choose from a manual system or one powered by an electric lift.

Our manual walk-draw systems make it easy to guide the divider curtain into place as you walk and are available with our lock-stop technology. Motorized VISTA models feature a 2HP motor for high-speed electric lift.

Benefits of Our Containment Solution 


These containment systems offer your organization many benefits, including:

  • Faster games: Ball containment helps speed up play with fewer disruptions for your participants.
    Excellent durability: We construct these with heavy-duty materials to provide you with long-lasting use

  • High visibility: The mesh design allows your spectators to take in the action with a clear line of sight.

  • Extra value: Grand Slam Safety's skilled teams can help you with the initial installation and provide ongoing support for your investment.

  • Increased safety: Our SPECTO® fencing is a proven safety solution for creating a physical boundary surrounding play.

  • Design flexibility: Choose from various colors to match your desired aesthetic.

Benefits of Our Containment Solution 


We embrace our mission at Grand Slam Safety of keeping your athletes and spectators safely enjoying themselves. That passion has fueled our company since its founding over 10 years ago and remains our focus today. Our capabilities include custom-designed fencing, netting and containment systems for any sport and space.

Request a quote on our pickleball court dividers for sale by contacting a team member online.



Grand Slam Safety has dedicated in-house engineers to manufacture our products in the United States. We offer a warranty to ensure your nets are in the best shape to protect players and optimize your space. 

We work with you through design consultations and basketball court divider installation to ensure the best setup for your court. Contact us today to get a quote on basketball dividers for your sports complex.

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