Do you operate an indoor or outdoor basketball complex? Creating barriers within the facility is often essential for accommodating multiple games or practice sessions — as well as enhancing the safety of players and spectators.


Grand Slam Safety is your one-stop headquarters for state-of-the-art basketball barrier nets that will be custom-made for your space. For more than a decade, our patented SPECTO® design systems and other high-quality products have been a top choice for college and high school athletic departments, development companies that specialize in constructing sports facilities, architects, parks and recreation departments and anyone else who needs a high-quality fencing or netting solution.


When the Lauth Group, an Indiana development company, was looking for divider curtains for a new 75,000 square foot fieldhouse in Finch Creek, IN they found Grand Slam Safety had just what they were looking for.


Basketball containment netting

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Ball and player containment for multiple sporting events.

Ryan Cole

"Grand Slam Safety is a class act company with one of the best all around teams I have ever worked with. The SPECTO® system is second to none and was exactly what I was looking for when designing my  indoor facility.

They have a great sales team, unbelievable engineers and a very hard working group of installers. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the athletic facility business."

  - Ryan Cole, President of Finch Creek Fieldhouse

Benefits of Basketball Containment Netting

Our netting products for basketball provide a host of benefits, including:


  • Enabling ball containment:  An errant pass or shot could cause a basketball to roll far away from the court, which can result in lengthy delays while someone chases it down. Installing our basketball court netting around the perimeter will keep the ball within a confined area, saving time and preventing disruptions to the other games occurring within the facility.


  • Providing separate playing areas: Larger gyms or sports complexes often have several games or practices happening at once. Combined with divider curtains, our netting will enable you to set up multiple spaces that allow each event to proceed in an enclosed setting. For instance, you could simultaneously accommodate a basketball game in one section, a soccer practice in another and a gymnastics competition in a third.


  • Reducing the occurrence of injuries: The specially designed netting in our SPECTO® systems absorbs the impact of basketball players as they crash into it while pursuing a loose ball. The result is a cradling effect that significantly reduces the risk of injuries. You can't say the same about a concrete wall or chain link fence!

  • Protecting spectators: Flying basketballs and players who chase them both pose a potential danger to spectators. Our ball containment netting will allow you to establish a protective barrier that keeps the ball and athletes within the playing area, helping to provide a safer environment for everyone.

  • Creating more space: We've designed our SPECTO® products to provide a closer clearance to building supports. As a result, you'll be able to portion out larger playing surfaces and offer up-close views for spectators without compromising their safety.

Construction Details

Product Specifications

"The design and function of SPECTO® is second to none and we really wanted to incorporate that technology inside bordering our turf field. "

- Bryan Ingalls,  Operations Manager

Accelerate Sports,  Whitesboro, NY

Indoor & Outdoor Basketball Court Containment Netting


No matter where your teams or facility users play hoops, our basketball court netting is up to the challenge. It offers the versatility you need for frequent reconfiguring and separating of playing environments in an indoor setting such as a college or high school gym or sports arena, especially when it's used in conjunction with dividers. It also offers a flexible weather- and UV-resistant solution for outdoor sports complexes consisting of multiple basketball courts.

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