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Grand Slam Safety is your one-stop headquarters for high-quality sports netting and fencing for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor venues. We serve the needs of college and high school athletic departments, architects, sports facility development companies, parks and rec departments and others who are seeking to create a safer environment for players and spectators. Our sports fencing and netting will give you the flexibility to configure playing areas to maximize all available space.

Sports Fencing Systems

Our advanced SPECTO® fencing systems are specifically designed for use in and around sports facilities and athletic fields. These revolutionary systems can provide a permanent or temporary fencing solution that delivers maximum versatility while significantly reducing the risk of injuries to participants and spectators alike. We can produce the ideal fence for baseball and softball facilities for outfield, baseline and backstop use. We also feature perimeter fencing that prevents events from one area from leaking into others at a multisport complex.

Sports Divider Curtains

Our high-quality sports divider curtains offer a simple and effective solution to gymnasium versatility. Unlike other wall divider solutions, our curtains are both flexible and sturdy, allowing you to easily section off your facility to accommodate multiple teams, activities or sports. These sporting facility divider curtains provide various benefits to high schools, colleges and sports complexes alike, such as player safety by providing clear boundaries and allowing for better ball containment. Overall, our advanced divider products offer a convenient and more efficient solution for indoor play.

Sports Netting Systems

Our sports safety netting will enable you to improve safety in virtually any space, whether it's an indoor sports complex, a gym or an outdoor sports facility. The netting is ideal for establishing a protective barrier between players and spectators, as well as preventing balls from leaving the playing area and possibly causing injuries. You'll find that our products offer a safer and more practical alternative to chain link fencing and other traditional options.  Indoor or outdoor we have you covered.  Any sport in any space.  Customization is our specialty.

Netting & Fencing by Sport

Grand Slam Safety can design and manufacture sports fencing and netting for popular indoor/outdoor sports such as:


  • Baseball and Softball: Outfield fencing and baseline netting, as well as fencing for batting cages and backstops

  • Soccer: Separating and maximizing outdoor spaces and ball containment

  • Football: Organizing and increasing safety in indoor practice facilities and establishing perimeters for seven-on-seven and flag football league games

  • Lacrosse: Protecting spectators from injuries caused by errant lacrosse balls

  • Futsal: Fencing for games, tournaments, camps or practice fields

  • Volleyball: Netting for volleyball courts, as well as for ball containment in indoor facilities

  • Basketball: Ball containment, player and spectator protection and separation of multiple courts

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At Grand Slam Safety, finding ways to keep athletes and spectators safe is the focus of everything we do, and it's been that way since our founding more than a decade ago. We started by implementing mathematics, mechanics and angles to design a fence from the ground up. The result was a state-of-the-art baseball and softball fencing solution that eventually paved the way for the development of our cutting-edge SPECTO® system.

We also have the ability to customize our sports netting and fencing to any user requirement. Regardless of the size, type or configuration of your athletic facility, we'll work with you to design a solution that meets your unique needs. You'll know you're getting a product that will serve your safety and functional requirements for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our sports safety netting and fencing offerings.



Any Space.  Any Sport.

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