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Custom Sports Containment Solutions
Grand Slam Safety is your one-stop headquarters for high-quality sports netting and fencing for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor venues. Our custom made sporting equipment is designed, manufactured, and installed completely by our in-house team.
We can provide expert
guidance on configuring playing areas to maximize all available space and increase your facility's revenue.

We'll partner with you from idea to installation. 




Our flagship product, SPECTO® Fencing Systems, are a patented technology utilizing tension rigging to provide an impactable barrier which athletes can run into without ever hitting a hard surface.


SPECTO® absorbs the energy of impact and gently lowers athletes to the ground. Available as temporary or permanent, indoor or outdoor systems, SPECTO® is the safest sports fencing option on the market.

Systems include:

Outfield Fencing

Baseline Fencing


Indoor Perimeter Fencing


VISTA is our line of motorized vertical-lift products. Our systems are bottom lift with a pull-fold design, causing less wear and tear on the fabric and hardware.


VISTA systems utilize faster and bigger motors, made with higher quality hardware, than the industry standard. The result is curtains and batting cages that can lift or lower at a speed of almost 30ft/min.

Systems include:

Divider Curtains

Quad Curtains

Batting Cages

Note: non-motorized systems such as stationary indoor or outdoor batting cages, and stationary or walk draw curtains are available apart from the VISTA line.



At Grand Slam Safety, finding ways to keep athletes and spectators safe is the focus of everything we do, and it's been that way since our founding more than a decade ago. We started by implementing mathematics, mechanics and angles to design a fence from the ground up. The result was a state-of-the-art baseball and softball fencing solution that eventually paved the way for the development of our cutting-edge SPECTO® system.

We also have the ability to customize our sports netting and fencing to any user requirement. Regardless of the size, type or configuration of your athletic facility, we'll work with you to design a solution that meets your unique needs. You'll know you're getting a product that will serve your safety and functional requirements for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our sports safety netting and fencing offerings.

About Us
"Your commitment to safety in your design sold us that this is what we are looking for."

- Caitlin Sutton

Athletic Director

Campbell-Savona Jr./Sr. H.S.

Campbell, NY

"The Grand Slam Safety Team treats you like their own and truly cares about the process, product, and the people they are working with."

- Bryan Ingalls
Operations Manager
Accelerate Sports

Whitesboro, NY

"It was a pleasure to deal with a company that kept in constant communication and was extremely helpful from beginning to end."

- Rob Boxler

Director of Facility Services

Akron Public Schools

Akron, OH

"Grand Slam Safety helped us create the state of the art facility we dreamed of."

- Justin Kamm


Indiana Baseball Academy

Westfield, IN

SPECTO wins with Outfield Fencing
Grand Slam Safety is an award winner
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