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Safety; The Most Critically Overlooked Part of Design

While plans for safety are often addressed, what is overlooked is allowing safety a larger place at the design table in order to expand what a facility is capable of.

For example, multi-use fields are popular but are often limited in their true usage by the demands of the variety of sporting events that could take place on them. A stray soccer ball hit towards the spectators on the sidelines is one thing...a stray lacrosse ball is another. A soccer ball might hurt....a lacrosse ball could kill. Designing a sports netting system into the facility is part of the answer, but what if a system could be put in place that not only protects spectators but players as well.

Player safety and protection is often addressed in facility design by the use of foam padding or placing playing surfaces far from supporting structures or other areas of play. The SPECTO® Sport Fencing System by Grand Slam Safety, LLC brings facilities to a whole new level of usability and flexibility by allowing play to come within 30 inches of anything! SPECTO® provides full player and spectator safety with the use of its patented design.

  • Full speed full body impact of a player - safely cradling them and returning them to the playing field.

  • See through mesh panels allow full viewing access to spectators, coaches, and facility owners.

  • Tensioned panels stop all loose equipment from escaping the field - from balls to broken bats.

  • 30” clearance between supporting structures and other playing fields - greatly expanding usable square footage.

  • Easy to install and disassemble for special events where fencing is not needed.

  • Customized to any facility.

In less than 5 minutes you can view a video presentation of how SPECTO® Sport Fencing Systems can benefit your design and clients. Take a look and tell us what you think. We are happy to assist in helping you and your clients take their facility to the next level of play.

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